Just as LRH warned against applying Class VIII standards to lower-level training, he issues the same warning against trying to bring Internship standards to the Academy:

“Courses are those activities done in Div 4, Dept. 11, for the purpose of training a student on the theory and materials necessary to perform certain skills. The product of a course is a graduate who has learned his materials and successfully applies what he has learned.

“Internships are those activities done in div 5, Dept. 14 for the purpose of perfecting the Intern's application of the basic skills learned on the Div 4 course. The product of the Internship is a flubless professional.

“Courses and internships are two separate and distinct activities. When you confuse the two by failure to fully comprehend their actions and products you end up with overlong courses and overlong Internships.”

HCOB 26 February 1978
Internships Versus Courses
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 92)