LRH covered in detail the purpose of rudiments, and the dangers of overdoing them:

“Don't run a case by rudiments. The reason you use and clean rudiments is to get the pc in-session…

The purpose of rudiments is to set up a case to run, not to run a case.”

HCOB 19 May 1961
Assessment Data
(Tech Vol. VI, p. 124)

“For auditing to take place at all, the pc must be in-session which means:

1. Willing to talk to the auditor
2. Interested in own case.

That is all you want to accomplish with rudiments.”

HCOB 11 August 1978, Issue I
Rudiments, Definition and Patter
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 220)

“Rudiments exist to run enough to get the pc into session, not to audit the case by rudiments.”

HCOB 10 July 1961
Metering Rudiments
(Tech Vol. VI, p. 261)

“If a pc puts his own ruds in, don't at once jump to the meter to put his ruds in. That makes all his offerings missed charge. Echo Metering is miserable auditing.”

HCOB 27 May 1963
Cause of ARC Xs
(Tech Vol. VII, p. 172)

“Ruds, therefore are handled in moderation always. You don't for instance “fly a rud” when the pc comes into session with an F/N. The TA will go up in protest or down in overwhelm.

If you put in all ruds to F/N, waited an hour and put in all ruds to F/N again the TA would either soar or drop below 2.0, depending on how the pc looked at it.”

HCOB 2 November 1968R
Case Supervisor — Class VIII, The Basic Processes
(Tech Vol. VIII, p. 264)

“The auditor is as real and has as much presence to the pc as the rudiments stay in and has as little presence as the rudiments go out.”

Tape: Effective Auditing
9 November 1961
quoted under definition of “auditor presence", Tech dictionary

“All ruds equals no auditing.”

Tape: Basics of Auditing
29 August 1961