“ETHICS consists simply of the actions an individual takes on himself. It is a personal thing. When one is ethical or “has his ethics in,” it is by his own determinism and is done by himself.”

HCO P/L 12 July 1980R
The Basics of Ethics
(OEC Vol. 1, p. 496)

“Ethics are not to be confused with justice. Justice is used only after a failure of the individual to use ethics on himself. With personal ethics in across the dynamics, third dynamic justice disappears …”

HCO P/L 9 July 1980
Ethics, Justice, and the Dynamics
(OEC Vol. 1, p. 486)

“… if a person is doing his job…ethics is considered to be in and the person is protected by Ethics.”

HCO P/L 1 September 1965, Issue VII
Ethics Protection
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 502)

“Orders only occur where responsibility has failed.”

HCO P/L 23 January 1968
Orders and Responsibility
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 139)