“No applicant will be accepted at Saint Hill or should be accepted by any organization for training or processing who is not there on his or her own self-determinism but who has been ordered to training or processing by an organization or who has been compelled to undergo training or processing by a manager, judge, relative or anyone other than the applicant.”

HCO P/L 10 February 1964
Enrollment on Self-Determinism
(OEC Vol 4, p. 323)

“…Orders to auditing or training may not be made as a sentence or used in an ethics court or by a Comm Ev or any other reason. Auditing and training are awards.”

HCO P/L 29 April 1965, Issue III
Ethics Review
(OEC Vol 1, p. 744)

“Let me teach you something about tech in relationship to ethics.

We say that when admin is out, tech is out; and when tech is out, ethics is out. This is very true. But it backs up one more.Tech had to be out in the first place.

…It’s actually a four-point cycle, not just the three.”

Flag Order 3831
11 September 1981
The Sea Org and Standard Tech
(excerpted from Class VIII, Tape 13)

“The public stays away from orgs in droves which alter technology.”

HCO Executive Letter 1 September 1964
Technical Lectures By Other Personnel
(OEC Vol 7, p. 1191)

“Bad tech makes it almost impossible to get pcs or students in.”

HCO P/L 29 May 1961, Issue I
KSW Series 3 — Quality and Admin in Central Orgs
(OEC Vol 7, p. 837)