In 1974, ASHO's Auditor Mag Issue #98 listed out the names of every graduate of the AOLA and ASHO Class VIII Course, from its release in September, 1968, to the publication date of the magazine in April, 1974.

The total: 242.

This is an average of just under one new Class VIII per week in the West U.S. alone.

These numbers were the result of LRH’s constant insistence on the necessity of producing Class VIIIs in volume:

“No org can afford to be without at least one Class VIII. These are the Custodians of Standard Tech.”

HCOB 23 January 1975
The Purpose of Class VIII
(Tech Vol X, p. 679)

“Do you know that absolutely, standard tech (complete, utter hairline standard tech) used in organizations throughout the world will at least triple the stats of each org within ninety days. Couldn't help it.”

Tape 24 September 1968
Welcome to the Class VIII Course

“To let standard tech go out is an act of treason as Scientology then loses all meaning in an org.

This is why I am teaching a Class VIII Course.”

HCOB 28 August 1968, Issue I
Out Tech
(Tech Vol VIII, p. 186)

“To throw a Class VIII Course out of line and defeat its purpose…gives an automatic Treason assignment.”

HCOB 20 October 1968
The Purpose of Class VIII
(Tech Vol VIII, p. 256)