What would LRH do?

L. Ron Hubbard

From this point forward, any differences of opinion between the Church and Friends of LRH over copyright law and free speech issues will be a matter for lawyers, and ultimately the courts, to decide.

In these pages, we take a different approach.

Mrs. Paquette is a Scientologist. So are her employers, Rick Moxon and Helene Kobrin. So, of course, are the Church clients they represent, from the executives at Bridge Publications and the L. Ron Hubbard Library to those at the Office of Special Affairs and the Religious Technology Center.

And so are we.

As Scientologists, we all share the same hat — ensuring the application of standard tech and policy to bring about a better world.

As with tech, LRH policy doesn’t allow for two radically different interpretations of what to do in a given situation. Either an action is standard or it isn’t:

“To approach the subject of STANDARD ADMINISTRATION realistically, one must first recognize that a right way to do things can exist.

“Let us take an example like starting a car. There is a right way to do this.

“… There are an infinity of ways not to start a car.

“There is only one way to start a car.

“So it is with any standard procedure.

“… STANDARD ADMIN means the usual ‘on-policy’ procedure applied.

“… The answer is invariably and always, find the policy, apply it and force out the ‘off-policy’ actions, and coolness and prosperity will reign.”

HCO P/L 4 June 1971
Standard Admin
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 58)

Therefore, we will be viewing Mrs. Paquette’s allegations, not from a legal perspective, but as Scientologists. As we both seek to apply the same LRH policies, this analysis should help to clarify what LRH would do.

There are three areas of attack in Mrs. Paquette’s original letter to our internet provider:

  1. the use of LRH quotations
  2. the use of LRH photographs
  3. the use of org statistics

We break these down, one by one.

Friends of L. Ron Hubbard