Popular Justifications

Here are some of the more commonly-heard justifications for the crash in training stats. Each justification is followed by the appropriate response per LRH policy.

Justification #1:

Right now thousands of people are studying The Basics in Academies all across the planet. Doesn’t that count as training?


As early as 1961, LRH left no room for doubt as to what does and doesn't constitute Academy training:

“There is apparently a considerable confusion going on as to what should be taught in an Academy.

…Now whatever schedules, classes and other fancy ways of dodging the necessity to confront students have been employed, just tear them all up. They are not a good substitute for training.

Because we have all been trained in the educational system circa mid-twentieth century, we are liable to think that forming people up into classes and getting them to jump over books on schedule will educate them. Well it won't.

We are here to train auditors, not to educate them. So just train them.

… You can dawdle around with theory outside an Academy, read books and so on. But in an Academy only can you LEARN certain things, and not all the books in the world will teach them.

… Therefore, all training should not be of a class, for this terminal called a class will never audit anybody. All training should be of student individuals who will audit people, for only an individual student, not a class, will do any auditing.”

HCOB 7 June 1961
Academy Schedule, Clarification of
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 568)

"Of course, the student would prefer facing a thought or theory or a quick think process to facing real, live engrams, secondaries and banks. So we don't train them well.”

HCO P/L 2 October 1958
Sale And Conduct Of Academy Courses
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 554)

"Theories and processes can be picked up in books and from tapes as well as in classes. Technical skill cannot be picked up anywhere but in an Academy . . . a fact proven by years of observation.”

HCO P/L 17 April 1961
Training, Professional New Policy
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 565)

"As it has recently been found that theory is more easily confronted than doingness, the Practical Section is created to care for this fact and to make the student confront and do accurate doingness. This section may not then become a second Theory Section where one studies texts. In the Practical Section the student only does.

…It is intended that the emphasis of all course training shall be a flawless ability to do auditing, and a command of the theory and goals of Scientology. A student on leaving course should be able to do Scientology and achieve excellent auditing results.”

HCO P/L 14 May 1962
Training Sections
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 583)

"…It is the Academy's purpose to train auditors…”

HCO P/L 21 September 1965 Issue V
E-Meter Drills
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 626)

“You can stuff a student with theory until it's coming out of his ears but you won't have an auditor until he AUDITS.

You can even put him through all the drills that have ever been dreamed up and you still won't have an auditor until he AUDITS.

…The direction we're going in is — we're going to MAKE AUDITORS.”

The End of Endless Training
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 419)

"A few data taught very very well will benefit a student far more
than a large but not complete body of data. So you can't teach in an Academy a small Saint Hill Course. Leave that to SH.

…The ideal Academy student is a technician of limited but positive skills
which he can do well without variation.

So his checksheet must be short.”

9 November 1967
Academy Checksheets
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 630)

These references are especially applicable to the Basics. With 18 books and 280 tapes, the Basics, a course made up by COB in the summer of 2007, is second only to the Briefing Course as the longest course in Scientology. Unlike the B.C. and all standard Academy courses, however, it has no Practical Section, and teaches no auditing or other specific skills.

Justification #2:

Even though the volume of auditors made is way down, the quality of modern training is much higher than those trained prior to The Golden Age of Tech.


This is contrary data. LRH states over and over that course rooms only fill up to the degree that quality of training is high:

“Academy enrollment has very little to do with the Registrar.
It has everything to do with the quality of the Academy.

Sounds awfully funny. A bad Academy empties almost at once.

There's no new enrollments in a badly run Academy.
A good Academy mysteriously picks up a lot of enrollments.

We've learned this over the years.
It's the funniest darn thing you ever wanted to see.

You never figure out how anybody found out.

You hardly have time for them to find out.

If the HGC drops in quality it takes 6 or 7 months to go down the drain as far as income and pcs are concerned, and it takes another 6 or 7 months to pick up again.

This is not true about the Academy. It will do it in a week. It's just one of the most sudden things you'd want to see happen.”

HCO P/L 17 September 1962R
An Arrangement of the Academy
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 599)

“Being on administrative lines to all orgs, I can tell you point-blank that:


HCOB 25 August 1971
C/S Series 56, How to Get Results in an HGC
(Tech Subject Vol. 1, p. 210)

Justification #3:

Even if training stats are way down, stats for some other products are up, like The Way to Happiness and Volunteer Ministers Programs, The Basics Library Campaign, and the LRH Pulp Fiction Project.


“Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well-trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.

…Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.”

Life Repair Block
8 December 1970
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 145)

ABLE, CCHR and Volunteer Minister stats are subproducts.

LRH made it clear that we manage by the stats of our Valuable Final Products, not subproducts:

"The test of any subproduct list is: Is it resulting in VFPs [Valuable Final Products].

If not, somebody has been busy making a staff busy.

The test of a correct subproduct list is does it result in good VFPs when used.”

HCO P/L 24 July 1978
Subproducts, How to Compile a Subproduct List
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 826)



“Only real VFPs count.”

HCO P/L 28 February 1980
Org Series 41
Production and One's Standard of Living
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 313)


“Stats depend on auditing being done and being taught.

…That's the basic way we will win the world — auditing.

…Small livingness courses, defense, policy, the OEC, promotion, all these are valuable too. But only to the degree they get people in to get audited and trained as auditors.

…An org gets people (on any gradient) to get audited and gets people to be trained as auditors.

That gives the org purpose — for only auditing can clean up a community.

That gives action. That gives income.

If an org isn't so oriented, then no manner of highly skilled management will make it go.

That's the way it is.”

How to Raise Stats
20 December 1969
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 127)

Justification #4:

Because of the influence of television, drugs, and the sabotage of our schools by the psychs, literacy levels are now so low that most people can’t study.


Aside from the fact that these factors were already widespread prior to the training boom of the early '70s, we now have more LRH tools for debugging study problems than ever before.

Here is a list of just a few such study aids, followed by their EPs:

Method 1 Word Clearing:

“When properly done and completed, the result of Method One Word Clearing is RECOVERY OF ONE'S EDUCATION.

That factor in itself can mean a tremendous gain for the person.
The added dividend is that, with misunderstoods in earlier subjects now cleaned up, the way is clear for the student to get the most out of his current training course or activity. He can now study and grasp the materials of any subject more easily, as he will no longer be bogged down by and stumbling over the earlier misunderstoods.”

HCOB 25 September 1979RB
Word Clearing Series 34
Method One Word Clearing
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 540)

Primary Rundown (PRD):

“The Primary Rundown consists of word clearing and study tech. It makes a student superliterate.

…The Primary Rundown is the open door to brilliance.

Superliteracy is a new state for man, existing in the past only in a few, accidentally, who became the geniuses and great names of the race.”

HCOB 4 April 1972R
Primary Rundown
(Tech Vol. X, p. 84)

Study Green Form:

“The Study Green Form is an analysis list which locates and indicates the handling of troubles with the subject of study, largely independent of or in addition to misunderstood words.

…The end phenomena of the Study Green Form is a person who knows he can study.”

HCOB 4 May 1981RA
Study Series 10RA, Study Green Form
(Tech Vol. XII, p. 296)

Dianetic Student Rescue Intensive:

“This is an optional step if your pc is having any trouble with study.

…The intensive should be concluded when the pc is now happy about study.”

HCOB 2 July 1978
NED Series 11,
Dianetic Student Rescue Intensive
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 169)

Additionally, there is the Student Confessional, Student Booster Rundown, Student FPRD Form, all forms of Word Clearing, False Data Stripping, Crashing MU Finding, and numerous other tools in Tech and Qual to help debug a student.

To say or imply that these actions no longer work or that the EPs of these rundowns can no longer be achieved is the ultimate tech degrade.

Justification #5:

The public is out-ethics or PTS.


"There are no dog pcs or bad students."

HCOB 25 June 1972
Recovering Students and Pcs
(Tech Vol. X, p. 185)

"It has been found that the whole reason for any lack of prosperity of an org is INTERNAL. The surrounding area of the public has very little to do with whether stats are up or down.”

HCO P/L 7 March 1972R
Esto Series 1R, The Establishment Officer
(Management Series Vol. 2, p. 3)

LRH then gives us the real reason why public don't get auditing or train:

“The public stays away from orgs in droves which alter technology.”

HCO Executive Letter of 1 September 1964
Technical Lectures by Other Personnel
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 1191)


“Bad tech makes it almost impossible to get pcs or students in.”

HCO P/L 29 May 1961 Issue I
KSW Series 3, Quality and Admin in Central Orgs
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 18)


HCO P/L 25 September 1972
Recovering Students and Pcs
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 269)

"But the truth is that the public is with you just so long as results are achieved.

As soon as they aren't achieved, areas become upset.”

HCO P/L 26 October 1971
KSW Series 6, Tech Downgrades
(OEC Vol. 5, p. 97)

Justification #6:

COB already solved the training situation with the Golden Age of Tech and the Golden Age of Knowledge, but it takes time to show in the stats.


LRH covers the length of time it should take for an executive to revert downstats:

“The secret of any executive success is the ability to Complete Cycles of Acton Quickly.

The operative word is COMPLETE.

Referral is irresponsibility … People who are afraid of taking responsibility are not executives. They are laborers.


HCO P/L 22 February 1968
Ethics and Admin, Slow Admin
(OEC Vol. 1, p. 893)

"The test of an evaluator or executive is:

'Can you get your org to do a constructive thing at once without any backflash or any nonsense, and will it occur in such a way as to increase stats promptly?' If so, you're a good administrator. If you can't do that, we have all kinds of paint to scrape.”

HCO P/L 18 March 1977RA
Data Series 43RA, Evaluation and Programs
(Management Series Vol. 1, p. 167)


“The supreme test of an executive…is to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.

…An executive is in fact a worker who can do all and any of the work in the area he supervises and who can note and work rapidly to repair any outnesses observed
in the functioning of those actions in his charge.”

HCO P/L 28 July 1971
Admin Know-How No. 26
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 426)

"If stat declines for the week are brushed off, the org will shrink, become less stable, will demand more work by fewer and will be a burden.”

HCO P/L 5 May 1971RA Issue II
Reading Statistics
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 677)

"The only tremendous error an organization makes, next to inspection before the fact, is failing to terminatedly handle situations rapidly.”

HCO P/L 4 May 1968
Handling Situations
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 245)

"If an Exec Sec watched statistics like a hungry cat at a mousehole and inspected like fury every time one went down or stayed down, the org would expand and prosper.”

HCO P/L 1 February 1966, Issue II
Danger Conditions —
Inspections by Executive Secretaries,
How to Do Them
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 686)

“Do you know that absolutely Standard Tech (complete, utter hairline Standard Tech) used in organizations throughout the world will at least triple the stats of each org within ninety days. Couldn't help it.”

  Class VIII tape 1
  An Introduction to Standard Tech
  24 September 1968

COB's first solution to training, the Golden Age of Tech, was released and implemented in 1996 — 13 years ago as of 2009.

His second solution, the Golden Age of Knowledge Phase I (the Congresses), was released 5 years ago as of 2009.

His most recent solution, the Golden Age of Knowledge Phase II (the Basics), was released in the summer of 2007, almost 2 years ago as of 2009.

None of these time spans even come close to falling within LRH’s parameters of “ninety days,” “quickly,” “rapidly,” “promptly,” or “at once."

Justification #7:

Due to the dwindling spiral in our society, people are more first dynamic-oriented than they used to be and so don’t want to train or audit any more.


In 1972, with the “dwindling spiral” already well advanced in this civilization, LRH wrote the following:

“The majority of Scientologists want to be auditors. So you have auditor scarcity? That's a laugh.”

HCOB 16 August 1972
C/S Series 84, Flubless C/Sing
(Tech Vol. X, p. 198)

He followed this up three years later:

“Probably the 'secret' of how I could boom any org I was directly managing was that it never occurred to me that anyone would not train or mistrain auditors.

Lots of people want to be auditors. Just survey any staff if you don't believe it.

So an Academy or college can always be run right and can be full.”

17 January 1975
How You Are Limiting
The Size And Income Of Your Org
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 407)

"… Surveys show 68 percent of public want to be trained as auditors!”

LRH ED 258-1 INT
15 March 1975
How You Can Increase
The Size And Income Of Your Org
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 411)

Justification #8:

Even if training stats have been crashed since their highs of the 1970s, it seems that a few have risen slightly from their all-time lows. Doesn't that count as a rising stat?


“…It is perfectly okay to come down hard on people or orgs who fail to get their stats in viable range.

…And you better.”

HCO P/L 20 September 1976-1
Org Series 35-1, Stat Push Clarified
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 696)

“Where a stat is in completely nonviable range it is really in Non-Existence or worse…”

HCO P/L 28 September 1982
The Basics of Statistics and Management
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 562)

Stats which have been crashed by 80 to 100% for over 2 decades would seem to qualify.

Justification #9:

Even though training stats appear to be way down, COB and International Management must have other data that we don’t have, like confidential LRH advices on the subject.


“When Instructors or seniors give out alter-ised technology or unusual solutions, the student feels they must have some inside track, some data line the student doesn't have.

…The whole of technology is released in HCO Bulletins and HCO Policy Letters and tapes I do and release.

I don't tell people anything in some private way, not even Instructors.

…Even my closest staff and communicators when it hears of a new process or plan from me verbally, sees it in an HCOB or HCO PL a few days later.

Don't for heaven's sake mistake alter-is by somebody as evidence of a hidden line.”

HCO P/L 16 April 1965 Issue I
KSW Series 22, The Hidden Data Line
(OEC Vol. 4, p. 347)

L. Ron Hubbard

“A 'hidden data line' is a pretense that certain data exists outside of HCOBs, books and tapes.”

HCOB 1 September 1971 Issue I
C/S Series 57
A C/S as a Training Officer,
A Program for Flubless Auditing
(Subject Vol. 1, p. 214)

Justification #10:

Expansion of our course rooms is being held back by unprecedented suppression from governments, psychs, and other SPs.


“I've learned this over the years: The entirety of our stats are internally caused. WE CAN CAUSE STATS AT WILL. External actions don't affect them.

A newspaper can write reams of entheta and it doesn't affect our stats at all.”

HCO P/L 18 March 1977RA
Data Series 43RA, Evaluation and Programs
(Management Series Vol. 1, p. 167)

“The public is always there. Any enemy action does not change our stats.
They are changed inside the org or by higher orders only.”

Auditing Sales and Delivery Prg #1
2 June 1970
(OEC Vol. 5, p. 258)

L. Ron Hubbard

“What destroys an organization is its own germs.”

Tape: Org Board and Livingness
6 April 1965

"It has been found that the whole reason for any lack of prosperity of an org is INTERNAL."

HCO P/L 7 March 1972R
The Establishment Officer
(Management Series Vol. 2, p. 3)

"So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology."

HCO P/L 7 February 1965
KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 7)

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