Finally, for any and all justifications not covered above:

“The one big god-awful mistake an executive can make in reading and managing by graph is being reasonable about graphs. This is called JUSTIFYING A STATISTIC.

This is the single biggest error in graph interpretation by executives and the one thing that will clobber an org.

I have seen a whole org tolerate a collapsed completions graph for literally months …

Never JUSTIFY why a graph continues to be down and never be reasonable about it.

A down graph is simply a down graph and somebody is goofing.”

HCO P/L 6 November 1966R
Admin Know-How Series 5R
Statistic Interpretation, Statistic Analysis
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 315)

L. Ron Hubbard

“Don’t get reasonable about down statistics. They are down because they are down. If someone were on the post, they would be up.”

HCO P/L 6 March 1966 Issue I
Rewards and Penalties
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 504)

“The only reason stats are down, ever, is because somebody didn't push them up … One can always make stats go up.”

HCO P/L 8 Feb 1968 Issue I
Admin Know-How Series
18, Statistic Rationalization
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 682)

“It is not hard to raise one’s own stats.”

HCO P/L 12 November 1971R Issue II
How to Raise Your Own Statistics and Pay
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 688)

“One can always make stats go up. Hard work. Foresight. Initiative. One can always make stats go up. That’s the truth of it, and it needs no explanations.”

HCOPL 8 FEB 1968 ISS 2
Statistic Rationalization
(OEC Vol 0, p. 682)

In short, under current management, the single most important statistic in Scientology has been at or near its all-time low for over 2 decades, and there is no possible explanation, rationalization, or justification for it.

Friends of L. Ron Hubbard