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L. Ron Hubbard
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Handling of new people

Throughout the years, the entrance to Scientology for most people was by way of simple, easily doable courses. The one most commonly used in the 1960s and 70s was the Comm Course, often followed by HQS. Later, P.E. 1 and 2 served a simple function.

The emphasis in each of these courses was on simple tools the student could apply in life, such as TRs, the Tone Scale, Assists, and co-auditing on Self-Analysis lists.

This was in keeping with a number of LRH references on the subject, such as the following:

“Bluntly, you cannot avalanche data onto the heads of partially trained, poorly comprehending people, or people who have no real conversance with auditing at all. And if you try to do so, you will fail, and Scientology will fail, and the people in the area will not have the least idea what you are trying to do. And they will walk away from your meetings, and they will walk away from your group sessions completely confused and vowing to themselves to have nothing further to do with Scientology. And they will not tell their friends about it, and people who should be brought in to be helped will not be brought in to be helped. And so a great many people, by this misunderstanding of the uses of the materials of Scientology, are being denied the benefits of Scientology simply because these materials have not been handled with intelligence.

“… There seem to be certain rules forming here about the use of such material and these would be more or less as follows … When giving Scientology to people to use, give them only the simplest tools, render them completely practiced and conversant with those tools, and only when they are expert in them give them data.”

PAB 36, 1 October 1954
The Use of Scientology Materials
(Tech Vol. II, p. 383)

New people are now routinely routed onto the Basics as their first course in Scientology.

This course contains 18 books and 280 lectures.

* Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center (RTC)

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