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L. Ron Hubbard
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Managing by statistics

LRH emphasized time and again that there is only one way to gauge the expansion of Scientology:

“The most direct observation in an org (or a country) is statistics. These tell of production. They measure what is done.

“It cannot be said too often that management is best done by statistics.

“… Run only by statistics.”

HCO P/L 5 February 1970
Statistics, Management By
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 514)

“Stat management is the only kind of management you can do on a production scene. Management by statistics was brought to a fine art in Scientology admin tech. To discredit it is, of course, to court failure.

HCO P/L 20 September 1976-1
Org Series 35-1, Stat Push Clarified
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 696)

“By actual experience working and managing in many activities, I can state flatly that the most dangerous worker-manager thing to do is to work or manage from something else than statistics.”

HCO P/L 7 July 1970
Data Series 14, Working and Managing
(OEC Management Series Vol. 1, p. 68)

“Therefore the only organization that is a sound organization is one WHOSE EVERY ACTIVITY can be tabulated by statistics.”

HCO P/L 13 March 1965, Issue III
The Structure of Organization — What Is Policy
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 660)


HCO P/L 15 April 1982, Issue II
Finance Series 29, The Counting of Gross Income
(OEC Management Series Vol. 2, p. 374)

“Even the manner in which we gauge our expansion has utterly changed. In previous years it focused on our internal statistics. Today our expansion is measured by broad-scale impact out there, helping cities, states, and entire nations.”

IAS 21st Anniversary celebration, 2005
(reprinted in Impact issue #112, p. 52)

“Our expansion is no longer gauged by what takes place inside our churches. Rather, our expansion is now such that it is gauged across every ethnic, religious, and national concern on Earth.”

LRH Birthday Celebration; March, 2006
(reprinted in Scientology News, issue #33, p. 48)

Thus, per COB, LRH’s way of measuring expansion (“internal statistics”) is now old and no longer used.

The system COB replaces it with is made up of unquantifiable generalities (“broad-scale impact out there,” “every ethnic, religious, and national concern on Earth”), and therefore cannot be managed by an actual statistic.

* Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center (RTC)

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