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L. Ron Hubbard David Miscavige (COB*)
L. Ron Hubbard
Founder and Source of Scientology
David Miscavige
Leader of Scientology since LRH’s death
  1. We no longer need dictionaries.
  2. The Primary Rundown is no longer available.
  3. Orgs must buy new buildings, whether they can afford them or not.
  4. Management no longer manages by statistics.
  5. The statistics that are featured were made up.
  6. COB introduced us to potential, or future, stats.
  7. Saint Hill size orgs are nowhere near the size of Old Saint Hill.
  8. Ideal Orgs are far from ideal.
  9. COB’s DVD is our primary dissemination tool.
  10. The drills now used to train auditors are forbidden by LRH.
  11. Training is now a matter of “just add water and mix.”
  12. Current Academy checksheets are the longest in history.
  13. The product of Academy training has been upgraded from competence to perfection.
  14. Class VIII standards are now applied to the Academy.
  15. Internship standards are now applied to the Academy.
  16. COB developed a way to complete Internships in two weeks; as a result, Internships now take longer than ever.
  17. For the first time ever, the Pro TRs Course is a prerequisite to Academy training.
  18. For the first time ever, the Upper Indocs Course is a prerequisite to Academy training.
  19. For the first time ever, the Pro Metering Course is a prerequisite to Academy training.
  20. For the first time ever, a course with 18 books and 280 tapes is a prerequisite to Academy training.
  21. Memorization is now an essential part of training.
  22. Paraphrasing is now an essential part of training.
  23. COB invented a new way to memorize.
  24. Auditors have to retread and retrain, even when they’ve done nothing wrong.
  25. The co-audit route to Dianetic Case Completion or Clear is all but dead.
  26. Field auditors are monitored like never before.
  27. HCO Confessionals are mandatory on upstats.
  28. Auditing and training are mandatory.
  29. Super Power is behind target by 30 years.
  30. F/Ns have been redefined.
  31. Ruds take longer than ever.
  32. As soon as a pc goes Clear, he needs a repair list to handle his resistiveness.
  33. Most people who went Clear when LRH was on the line didn’t really go Clear.
  34. Once complete on New OT 7, pre-OTs need Ethics and Repair.
  35. A sentence taken from a reference is the reference.
  36. Word-clearing of LRH books doesn’t work.
  37. Confused ideas can come from someone else’s MUs.
  38. Point 1 of KSW, originally done by LRH in 1965, was really done by COB in 2007.
  39. One can achieve full conceptual understanding without word-clearing.
  40. Personal ethics are achieved largely through orders and threats.
  41. Church donations are mostly charity, not exchange for org services.
  42. Fundraising has replaced training and processing as the primary source of org income.
  43. More money is taken in from processing than training.
  44. Every staff member is a reg.
  45. The second longest course in the history of Scientology teaches no auditing or other specific skills.
  46. The Class VIII Course was closed for four years.
  47. For every 100 Class VIIIs produced in the past, the church now produces one.

* Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center (RTC)

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