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Future statistics

“Future stats” is, of course, a contradiction in terms, since statistics by definition measure production already done:

“A statistic is a number or amount compared to an earlier number or amount of the same thing. Statistics refer to the quantity of work done or the value of it in money.

“A down statistic means that the current number is less than it was.

“An up statistic means the current number is more than it was.

“We operate on statistics.”

HCO P/L 16 December 1965, Issue II
Organization of the Int Exec Division — Statistics of the International Executive Division
(OEC Vol. 7, p. 89)

As far as how production relates to the future:

“When you first inspect an area for products, you just look … Don’t listen to how they are going to get 150 products; just look and walk around with a clipboard.

“… If you don’t see receipts for 150 shipped products, they don’t exist and never have … Products that are only in people’s heads don’t exist.

“Dreams are nice — in fact they are essential in life — but they have to be materialized into the physical universe before they exist as products.

HCOB 23 August 1979R
Issue III Product Debug Series 1R — Debug Tech
(Tech Vol. XI, p. 507)

At nearly every event of recent times, COB has touted what can only be called “future stats.”

Usually stated in reference to some new Ideal Org, his wordings have included “potential for …”, “can fit up to …”, “will be able to handle …”, and “with a capacity exceeding …”.

Example: “The new test center for Tampa Org can handle 155 raw public at any given time.”

Observation from repeat visits at random times showed the number of new public actually there to average between zero and two.

* Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center (RTC)

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